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M Fire Australia was established in April 2003 as a sole trader trading as an Electrical Contractor. The business entails the service, installation, and design of both security and fire protection alarm systems.


The company obtained accreditation from the Fire Protection Association of Australia Accreditation Scheme. In addition, the company has worked with a range of systems and environments including but not limited to Fire suppression systems, Gaseous systems, fuel farms, and aircraft hangers.


The business office is currently located at 100 Harris Street Pyrmont, NSW initially performing subcontracting with a number of big fire and electrical companies and large infrastructures. The company is also involved in the design, service, and installation of different fire systems across different sites including Railway High Voltage substations, Defence establishment (RAAF Richmond, HMAS Garden Island), Telstra Telephone Exchange, Sydney International Airport, and the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the whole fire system in Olympic Superdome and Olympic Stadium.


The business’ reputation has grown considerably along with expertise and the demand for the business’ service has become widespread across the fire industry. Our engineer's and technicians' skills will continue to serve the needs of the fire industry. It is due to the lack of expertise and licensing across the fire industry that a number of companies have sought subcontractors, such as our staff, to perform the services, maintenance and high-level programming of multiple fire systems.


Consequently, the business and the client base are expanding rapidly.

Why Choose M Fire Australia?

  • Expertise: Our seasoned professionals possess extensive knowledge of fire safety regulations and the latest industry trends, ensuring the highest standard of service.

  • Innovation: We fuse tradition with innovation, incorporating cutting-edge technology to provide efficient, reliable solutions that stand the test of time.

  • Tailored Approach: Recognizing that each client's needs are unique, we craft personalized strategies that address specific challenges, delivering practical and effective solutions.

  • Community Impact: By enhancing fire safety awareness and practices, we not only protect individuals and assets but also contribute to the strength of the communities we serve.

Join Us in Enhancing Safety

Whether you're a business owner, facility manager, or individual committed to safety, M Fire Australia invites you to explore our comprehensive services. Together, we can fortify environments, save lives, and foster a culture of safety that resonates far beyond the spaces we protect. Experience the confidence that comes with having M Fire Australia by your side – where safety is paramount, and peace of mind is guaranteed.

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